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sending us your file

we cut from vector files: .ai, .dxf

We prefer to work with Adobe Illustrator files but we will make it work with whatever you have! 

If you follow these guidelines and we don't have to make any changes to your file then we don't have to charge you for that time and we can get it done faster, saving you time and money. 

If you need help adjusting or creating artwork however, just let us know! Any file conversion/creation work will just be added to the cost of your cut.

Acceptable vector formats:






Bitmap files can be engraved only!

File Guidelines:

- Set your 'artboard' or 'page layout' to 24"x36" Landscape and make sure your artwork will fit 

- Use colors/layers to specify the type of action if there is cutting and engraving within the same file 

(i.e. RED= cut, BLUE= engrave)

- Set stroke weight to .01pt

- No fills

Email us, call us or use the form bellow and we can start talking about your quote!

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