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our 80 watt laser-cutter has a 24" x 36" bed

We can laser cut various types of woods, paper, cloth, plastics and more. We can cut parts up to 23″ × 35″ but a margin is appreciated, and up to 3/8" thick in some materials. We stock a few standard materials but we can quickly obtain many other materials from local suppliers to fit your needs. You can also ship us your materials or drop them off at our shop. For more information on materials that are laser cut safe please read the 'materials' section bellow.



Acrylic - absolutely the best plastic material for laser cutting. It is strong, comes in a variety of colors, and can allow you to create awesome visual effects with the laser cutter.

Wood - is a versatile material. You can use it to laser cut jewellery, fashion accessories, ornaments, decorations, custom containers, even furniture! We generally recommend birch or pine for laser cutting, etching, and engraving.


Paper - both cuts and etches very well. You can even use the laser cutter to partially cut through to make paper bend or add perforations.


Cardboard - cuts very well. It is a fantastic material for prototyping with the laser cutter. It is a cheap and cost-effective way to make a basic prototype of your product. The laser cutter is also very good at making cardboard pieces for packaging and shipping.


Plywood -  can be good for laser cutting as long as you pick the right stock.


Cork - can be laser cut or etched as long as it is 100% natural.


Fabric - as long as it doesn't contain vinyl or chlorine most fabrics work well with the laser cutter. Most fabrics can be both laser cut and laser etched.


Glass - can only be laser etched.


Ceramic - can only be laser etched.


Rubber - works great for stamps as long as it is 100% natural.


Painted Metals - can be laser etched or laser marked only.


Leather - can be both Laser etched and marked with ease. It also cuts very well.


Marble - laser etches very well but cannot be cut.


Matte Board - can be both laser etched and laser cut.


Mylar - can be laser cut makes great stencils.


Pressboard - can be both laser etched and laser cut.


Wood Veneer - can be both laser etched and laser cut.


Tile - can only be laser etched.


Chlorinated plastics (PVC, vinyl, pleather/artificial leather, Sintra, Kydex)






HDPE (milk bottle plastic)


Polystyrene foam


Polypropylene foam




Coated carbon fiber


Pressure treated wood


Galvanized metal

WARNING: Many plastics are dangerous to cut, so it's important to know exactly what plastic you have

These materials will damage or destroy the laser, humans, and potentially the entire shop (fire hazards). 


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